NDC Networks in brief


NDC Networks is a value-adding reseller that focuses on solving tricky data communications problems for its customers. We primarily operate in three product areas:

  1. Utility and industrial ethernet, including substation 61850, IEC101/104 WAN communications, private WiMAX networks for utilities, and other ruggedized ethernet solutions
  2. Modernization of existing networks, including technologies such as serial-to-ethernet, ethernet I/O, modems, x-over-IP, TDM over ethernet, and protocol analyzers
  3. Industrial Internet-of-Things solutions and services, including solution design, software development, training & technical support, logistics support, and post-sales services. 
Most of our time is spent solving customer problems in the following areas:
  • Requirements definition
  • Network & radio network design
  • Project management
  • Project budgeting
  • Training
  • Systems transition
  • Documentation


Once a system has been delivered, we support it in various ways:
  • Technical support
  • Outsourced logistics support
  • Product software updates and software development
Additionally, we focus on three distinct service areas:
  1. Wireless design services: Point-to-point microwave link design, WiMAX network coverage calculations
  2. NDCVPN: 100% uptime VPN hosting for global remote access and mobile data connectivity
  3. Embedded software development and hardware modification that aims at creating customer-specific solutions from commercial over-the-shelf hardware

If you have further questions about NDC Networks, don't hesitate to contact us.